Unique Halloween Costumes for Couples

unique-halloween-costumes-for-couplesHalloween is a holiday that calls for the best costumes and fun festivities, and you are ready to go all out. Everyone knows the planning that goes into choosing a specific costume, and it can seem like quite the task. Do you need to come up with Halloween costume ideas for couples?

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If you are attending a Halloween party with your significant other, or you are going out on Halloween night with your other half, then you might want your costumes to have significance and meaning.

One thing you can do is to plan on being twins for Halloween. If you’re stuck on how to make yourselves look identical, think of the classic movie “Twins.” You can instead go as Schwarzenegger and Devito would dress during the movie. You see, you might be significantly taller and bigger than your wife or girlfriend. Therefore, this is the perfect match for you two on a Halloween night.

Goth is very popular during Halloween, and it is one option for you both to really go all out and match costumes. You can do just about anything when it comes to dressing goth, including you both being vampires. All you have to do here is get a hold of some dark clothing and some black and white makeup to really do your thing.

Why not dress up as Super Mario brothers? This game is a classic and is still extremely popular. Sure, these are two brothers instead of a couple, but Mario and Luigi are always a hit at a Halloween party. When it comes to Halloween costume ideas for couples, this is a definite match.

If you prefer something more innovative and wish to make a play on the tech world, why not go with a Mac and PC costume set? You can get really creative here because you’re both obviously not going to look exactly like computers. But Mac and PC are very popular costumes when it comes to couples dressing for Halloween.

Another technology play is the Facebook and Twitter couple. Social media is the largest thing trending on the web. A guy and a girl showing up as Facebook and Twitter is sure to be a big hit during a Halloween party.

Do you want to dress more extravagantly? Why not go to the party as the Prince and Princess? You can dress as Prince William and Princess Kate, and you can likely be the talk of the party as far as looking like the perfectly dressed couple. It might just rub off on what type of night you have.

It is so easy for couples to let loose and not hold to some standard when it comes to Halloween. So, why not dress up as a pair of nerds? This is fun because there are so many things you can do to make yourselves look like genuine nerds.

If you don’t want to dress up as the prince and princess, why not tone things down some. Instead, you can go to the Halloween party as Ken and Barbie! This is a classic idea that can have your wife looking her best for the Halloween festivities.

Do you want to go political and really make a statement? You can go as John McCain and Sarah Palin. There are masks that can accommodate this costume arrangement as well, and of course you can get really creative.

The next suggestion can be quite fun for sure. Why not go out for Halloween as Grandma and Grandpa? You can get really creative dressing up as old people much older than you, and it is also a much easier costume to design for each of you. This is a classic favorite that many people enjoy taking on in order to change their look quite significantly for the evening.

Why not go out for Halloween as playboy and playgirl? If you’re a nice looking couple, this can be very cool to do in order to show off. Of course you’re going to keep things civil so that you’re not arrested for indecent exposure. But, it’s time to dress sexy and show off some skin.

Why not show up to the party as Mr. and Mrs. Pacman? This is another classic costume set that is a hit at parties. Since they both eat ghosts, you can get really inventive with how you design these ghostly Halloween costumes.

While prince and princess has already been mentioned, there is also the idea of going as king and queen. This is ultimate royalty as you show up with matching crowns and the whole costume in its royal essence. Purple is the color of royalty, but you can get as creative as you want here.

Why not show up to the party as salt and pepper? This is a famous rap duo from the 90’s, and it’s always been a favorite for couples on Halloween as well. This also can be a very simple costume to design when you’re in need of a good idea and simple fix.

How about going as a character from Scooby Doo?

Another great costume to consider is the Chiquita banana! But wait, who is the banana, and what costume does the other person wear? The banana is going to be the girl, and the man can dress up as a monkey or gorilla. This is a favorite because of the match and the fact that dressing up in such a masculine costume is a hit.

Couples Costumes According to Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory)


Smurf and Smurfette are big hits when it comes to Halloween costumes. One of the reasons why is for the most part all you have to do is make yourselves blue! This is quite the funny costume pair, and the accessories needed are not quite as much as other costumes.

Another favorite of many is the cowboy and cowgirl costumes. This can be possibly done by wearing many things that you already have on-hand. And, you can come up with different things to accessorize the costumes.

A popular couples/group costume this year are costumes from Ghostbusters.

Yes ma’am, you can TOTALLY rock a sexy Ghostbusters costume!

Dressing up with Halloween costume ideas for couples is quite a lot of fun. All you need to do is to get a little creative and get ready to have a blast. Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year, and as a couple, it’s time to show off!

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