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Super cute peacock halloween costume ideas for your baby or toddler (some little girls/tween peacock costumes, too)Absolutely ADORABLE peacock Halloween costume ideas for babies and toddlers – and some little girl/tween peacock costume ideas, too!

Isn’t your little girl tired of dressing up like a princess for Halloween. Well she isn’t the only one and we have a solution for her. What’s the most beautiful animal that you can think of? Is it the bear? I don’t think so? Is it the Bumble bee? Wrong again. The Peacock is by far the beauty queen of the animal kingdom.

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Isn’t your little girl the prettiest and most precious thing in the world to you? Don’t you want to look as beautiful to everyone else as she does to you this Halloween. Well she can if you dress her right. Your little girl (or little boy) ( No judgment) deserves the best this Halloween!

The best part about a pretty little Peacock is that its an easy costume to make yourself. Not to mention a very fun costume for you to design. Put those seventh grade home-ec sewing lessons to the test while you try to make your daughter the beautiful costume that she deserves.

A really enjoyable part of making this costume is customizing and designing your daughters new tail! And you thought you would never do that! Silly you… Order peacock feathers and some glue and make her the most grandest tail of them all. So beautiful and long that it is sure to get everyone’s attention this holiday season.

Scary costumes are lame and out this holiday season. Especially for little girls! You want to use Halloween as a way to show off and express your little girls femininity. Not to make her feel like a little truck driving boy. So even if you don’t go with the peacock costume this season be sure and make sure to go with something just as precious.

InCharacter Costumes Baby's Precious Peacock Costume, Blue/Yellow, Large

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  • Lined zippered jumpsuit with detachable tail and leg snaps for easy diaper change, hood with beak, plus slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms

Want a vintage and stylish look for your little girl this Halloween. Well there isn’t a better way to achieve this with out peacock feathers! Used by the most elegant Victorian gentry all the way to those hyper hot to trot flappers, these feathers never loose their beauty and they never go out of style.

Toddler peacock costumes are also warm and snug during all of that cold Autumn air. With all of those warm feathers wrapping your adorable child she wont even feel the slightest chill this season! This means that they also make great pajamas!

Although Toddler Peacock costumes might sound a little unorthodox to some, they’re not. Just remember all of the other ridiculous stuff you have dressed your children up in over the years. Like that one Christmas you put her in a Santa suit? Or what about that forth of July were she went as the statue of liberty. See there is nothing to worry about here. Your child already looks ridiculous.

Just remember that her opinion matters! What ever you decide she should wear this holiday season, you need to make sure she likes it. People will not be awing about how cute your toddler peacock costumes are if your child looks uncomfortable. Make sure they are having as much fun as you are (these toddler sensory boards help!). After all this holiday is for them.

I’m sure many people have told you that your baby is just about as pretty as any peacock that they may have seen. Well this gives you a chance to enhance her beauty and adorableness while proving it to the world.

Other mothers will be so jealous of your elaborate costume that your beautiful daughter is in. They will ask you were you could have possessed this beautiful costume and you will proudly reply that you made it yourself! Be sure to let them know that they are welcome to use it next year.

So remember to be safe and enjoy your holiday season! Always attend your child while she is trick or treating! You’ll want to see the other parents reaction to this! Trust me!

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Super cute PEACOCK halloween costume ideas for baby, toddlers...and little girls, too.