Unique Halloween Costumes for Teenage Girls

lady-gaga-costumeThe Top 10 Costume Ideas For Teenage Girls

Teenage girls dressing up for Halloween have many different types of options. Some of the best costume ideas require much creativity, while others are a little easier to accommodate.

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When it comes to the best costume ideas for teenage girls, there are both classic favorites as well as trending ideas that fill out this top 10 list.

Top-Rated Halloween Costume for Teenage Girls


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#10 – Cheerleader Costume

Why not go out as the head cheerleader? While this is a classic option that comes across as rather normal, it’s also a hit. It’s a Halloween favorite that will have you looking your best without having to improvise much. Perhaps you’re even a cheerleader at your school? If so, then you can make the dressing up rather simple here, and all of your makeup for the night comes into play.

#9 – The Geek Costume

It is a hit with many girls to dress down and go to a Halloween party as a geek or nerd. While this is social stigma at its best, popular girls enjoy dressing down, knowing that guys will still think that they are looking good no matter what. All it takes is a nerdy pair of glasses and clothes that are not quite the fashion trend of the day.

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#8 – CatWoman Costume

With the recent Batman movies and the appeal of Catwoman, this has become quite the popular costume. There are many ways to dress up as this hit superhero without donning a full black leather outfit. You can even put your own take on this costume idea to make it more innovative.

#7 – Angel Costume

All girls like to be viewed as angelic right? Dressing up as an angel is not difficult, and the biggest part of preparation is going to be the extravagant wings. You can be the talk of the party as you dress up to be that beautiful angel for the night.

#6 – Celebrity Costume

Which celebrity do you resemble? This can take some creativity on your part. However, you can add those little extras to your costume to make it quite obvious who you are showing up as to the party. Dressing up as your favorite celebrity can be quite fun, and it can garner you quite a bit of attention.

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#5 – Peacock Costume

Why not dress up as a diva peacock? This is a trending costume that allows you to be colorful and beautiful on this fun-filled night. Not only can you do your own thing with this costume, but there are plenty of available options for purchase as well. Don’t forget the peacock feathers!

#4 – Princess Costume

Many girls dream of being a princess. This is a costume that can feel almost natural as your imagination takes over. Imagine wearing the extravagant dress and jewelry, and make sure you don’t forget the tiara or crown. Dressing as a princess will have you feeling top-notch for the night and the guys will certainly take notice.

#3 – Pink Pirate Costume

Instead of dressing as the classic princess, capitalize on the pirate craze by dressing as the pink pirate! There are plenty of accessories available for purchase, and you’re going to mainly need the pink hat, dress and matching sword. As always, this costume is open to creativity and can be totally designed on one’s own without making the purchase of a costume directly.

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#2 – Lady Gaga Costume

Lada Gaga is quite the rage, especially when it comes to dressing up on any occasion. You can pretty much glue anything you like to yourself and hit the Halloween party. Perhaps you would like to dress up looking like a pinata! This is an easy way to let your creativity flow when it comes to the design, and all you have to do is a little research on Lady Gaga to make it work.

#1 – Girl Vampire Costume

If you were going to think of hit movies that might be related to costume ideas and Halloween, what would you decide? The fact is vampires are all the rage thanks to some of the most popular TV shows and movies in recent years. This is fun and accessories of all kinds are very easy to come by. Don’t forget to put the fangs in when making up your costume, and of course you want to make your face look pale with some white makeup. And, to spice things up some, use some fake blood to make your appearance look more real.

These are the top 10 costume ideas for teenage girls for this coming Halloween. However, everyone is different, and there are plenty of other honorable mentions that did not make the list. For instance, what if you plan on going to a party as a couple with someone? Then, you can think more about ideas that deal with a matching type of costume for girls and guys together. For example, you could arrive as the king and queen.

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While girls are often ready to dress themselves up in a way that is flattering, the with costume is still a popular option. It is also again fairly easy to make this costume a reality. Whether or not you want to put a wart on your nose is up to you. However, the tall black hat is a necessity as well as the face paint and the black dress for your costume.

There are many trending costumes that you can purchase as well. Some of the costumes in the top 10 list can be purchased and accessorized easily. If you’re going to get even more specific, like dressing up as the Hunger Games girl, then you might want to purchase your costume outright in order to get your point across. Other favorite costumes to purchase include dressing up as an M&M, fairy, devil, clown, and there is a very popular Snow White and the Huntsman costume available as well.

Hopefully you are able to grab an idea from this top 10 list or some of the extras to create your next Halloween costume. It is a very fun occasion for dressing up, and all you need is a solid idea and a little creative juices flowing in order to make up the best costume ideas for teenage girls in order to fit in with the Halloween festivities.

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