Unique and Unusual Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

Toddler Halloween Costumes - Love these ideas!
Halloween is on the horizon, and if it’s the first time your toddler is going out to trick-or-treat, then you want him or her to really make a statement that the family will remember for years!

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But you know what the usual costumes are for toddlers: plants, characters, and other stuff that is cute but really doesn’t make an impact on anyone’s memories.

So what are some unusual and unique Halloween costumes for toddlers? Below we outline some of our favorites, and hope to give you some great ideas that will create costume classics for years to come.

Top-Rated Unusual Toddler Costumes


NASA Jr. Astronaut Suit /Child Costume
NASA Astronaut Suit /Child Costume
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Toddler Wonder Woman
Toddler Wonder Woman Costume
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Disguise Inc - Flower Garden Gnome Infant / Toddler Costume
Flower Garden Gnome Toddler Costume
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Unusual Objects Make For Adorable Costumes

Who said that your toddler had to dress up as a character? Or a person at all? Have you considered dressing your little one up as an object? By object, we mean the exact everyday objects that you see around your house. Dress your toddler up as an end table, a bookshelf, or even a book itself! Get crafty and create the costume yourself or buy one online. Great book ideas are Hungry Hungry Caterpillar or The Cat In The Hat. Have some leafy cloth pages on top for your teething child to chew on and keep him happy.

Give History Lessons With Historical Figures

If people dress their kids up as people, it’s usually superheroes or literary characters. But why not take a page out of the history books and get your tyke looking like a popular historical figure that anyone can recognize from a distance? Can you imagine a toddling Benjamin Franklin? How about a tiny Abraham Lincoln? Too American?

ADORABLE!  Toddler I Love Lucy costume DIY idea!



Then how about a baby Cleopatra or Roman emperor? There’s an entire history textbook’s worth of ideas. You don’t have to put make-up on your baby, but hats, fake beards, and even wigs may work if they fit your child’s temperament.



Assemble The Children In A Cute Group Costume!

If you’re working with a lot of children, then you may want to get them together for a group costume. These can be unique in themselves if you play your cards right. Have your kids dress up as the Von Trapp kids, Little House On The Prairie, The Wizard of Oz, or any other number of children’s stories featuring a large cast that are easily recognizable. You can even create your own My Little Pony army. If you’re working with nothing but toddlers and need something simple, a barn full of farm animals is always a winner at costume parties.

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Monster Costume
Infant/Toddler Monster Costume
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Elvis Presley Romper Costume
Elvis Presley Romper Costume
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Little Red Riding Hood Child Costume
Little Red Riding Hood Child Costume
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Put A Twist On Old Favorites

Just because you’re thinking of something classic, like a flower or a cheerleader, it doesn’t mean your kid has to look just like everyone else in the room and can’t be unique. Pick a flower not often see in children’s costumes, like a Venus flytrap or a giant lily. (Roses and sunflowers are so ten years ago!) Go for a majestic blue butterfly instead of the eye-popping pink. Green Crayons don’t get much love these days. Simply changing up the color or the pattern of a costume can make it unusual enough to garner attention at a party.

Classic Video Game Characters Are Too Cute

We’ve covered characters and famous people, but what about a pop culture niche not often covered today, like video games? Specifically, retro video games are set up to make adorable Halloween costumes for toddlers. Wouldn’t your child look adorable as one of the ghosts from Pac-Man? How about Mario and his brother Luigi?

What a cute baby/toddler costume idea


If your child is a bit wilder than that, you can go with Donkey Kong or any other number of retro video game characters. Not only will your child look cute, but all the adults in the room will be hit with a pleasant dose of nostalgia from better days.

Gender Bend To Keep Everyone Guessing

While it’s not uncommon to see a little girl dressed as a firefighter, it can still draw some attention as most people are accustomed to seeing girls in princess costumes. But it doesn’t have to stop at your daughter or niece taking the town by storm in her superhero costume. Some little boys might like to be a princess for the day. In fact, they might be better at it! Let your son’s inner diva shine while he sweeps the prize at every costume contest in the area. While the idea isn’t the most unique, as people have been gender bending their costumes for years, it is still rather unique in most areas, and is a fun, photogenic opportunity.

CHILD Deluxe Scooby-Doo Costume
Toddler Scooby-Doo Costume
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Rubies Costume Deluxe Shark Romper Costume
Deluxe Shark Toddler Costume
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Disguise Inc All NEW Sock Monkey Baby Costume
Toddler Sock Monkey Costume
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Crazy Monsters Offer Endless Creative Opportunities

We all know what a “monster” is, but what we don’t think about it is how we can make them unusual and unique. Monsters can literally look like whatever you want them to. While we think of the classic mummies, ghosts, and other ghouls roaming our streets, there’s no reason why you can’t go crazy creating the next scary monster for your kid to wear. You can even name the creature based off your child’s name or her traits. People will love the creativity you put into your kid’s costume, and may even suggest you start your own line of children’s books! Well, maybe not that far, but it’s certainly a possibility.

There are plenty of unusual and unique Halloween costumes for toddlers out there. Pick the one that matches your kid’s personality the most – and yours, since the youngest ones may not have much of a say yet – and be prepared to wow the next costume party you two attend. On top of that, many of these costume ideas are very cheap to buy as is or could be easily made if you are a crafty person. Or, even better, get a costume that you can use a base and build off of those. We know how important it is that your child be the most unique in the room, and now you know how to make that happen at the next Halloween costume bash!


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