Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

halloween-costume-ideas-for-womenI think that Halloween must be the favorite holiday of lots of women, though many might not want be eager to admit it. Beyond the ghosts and goblins, it gives women a chance to break loose from convention, express their creativity, and simply have a lot of fun.

If you love Halloween, it is never to early to begin planning the perfect costume.

Do you need a good idea for a new costume this year? Consider some good Halloween costume ideas for women. Since women have different preferences, personalities and costume needs, this article has been divided into The Vixen, The Monster, Go Retro, and The Mom! What else is there?

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Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you want to use Halloween as an opportunity to show off all the hard work you have done at the gym? Why not get a flirty costume so you can let the guys know what a bomb you really are underneath your typical work or casual attire?

You can’t dress like this every day, but you sure can do it once a year. Give everybody something to remember you by on the one day of the year that you can get away with it.

The French Maid : This is a classic flirty costume. It’s really simple to put together too. All you need is the perfect little black dress, a frilly white apron, and some dark stockings. Of course, a good pair of black pumps and a cute little cap will help enhance your look too.

The Cat: This is really pretty similar to the French Maid. Simply lose the apron. Then add ears and a tail, and you are good to go. Guys will throw you a second glance, but other women might be saying Meow!

The Super Heroine: Who doesn’t love Wonder Woman? Your workout leotard, tights, and a cape will make you ready to fight crime or catch the eye of The Boy Wonder!

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Marilyn Monroe: You might decide to go as this 50’s icon or another well-known starlet. You just need a diva dress, a blonde wig, and that perfect beauty marks. Don’t forget some really red lipstick. It’s a classic look that still works.

Scary Costume Ideas

You might want to get into the spirit of a spooky Halloween by dressing up as something creepy instead of something flirty! Of course, you can do both at the same time.

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Zombies: Zombies are hot. Simply don your best pair of ripped jeans, white face paint, and some really, really red lips.

The Witch: You can use your little black dress as the basis for this costume too. Add fishnet stockings and a conical hat. You won’t need any special magical spells because you’ll already be bewitching!

Retro Halloween Costume Ideas

Women have a lot of fun with retro or historically themed Halloween costumes. They give you a chance to hit the vintage clothing shops or even your mom’s closet. If people do not realize that you are wearing a costume, that just goes to show that everything old is new again. Who knows? You might even become inspired to start a trend.

The Flower Girl: Go out on Halloween in true bohemian style. Loose skirts, peasant blouses, headbands, and peace signs are all you need. You can dress like a vagabond but still use your good sense of style to appear attractive in that hippie way that Americans still love after all of these years.

The Fifties Girl: Get your red tennis shoes, pedal pushers, and tie-up blouse ready to go. This comfortable outfit simply needs a pony tail and a big hunk of chewing gum to complete the look.

If you loved Happy Days, you might also reflect true 50’s style with a poodle skirt or even a cute and sexy cheerleader costume. Who knows? If you play your cards right, maybe the Fonz will even show up and say Hey!

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Cave Girl: This can be a lot of fun. Simply drape yourself in a fake-fur blanket, leaving one arm bare. A pair of good sandals and some clunky and natural jewelry can complete this look. Trust me. You’ll look wild.

The Southern Belle: Have you ever wanted to dress up in a big-skirted gown and have an elaborate hairstyle? You can be the belle of the Halloween ball!

The Barbarian: Who doesn’t love a barbarian woman? Since barbarians are not civilized, they are expected to go a little wild.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Moms

OK, sometimes you might need to share Halloween with kids. It is, after all, a kid’s holiday. In this case you will want to select a woman’s costume that is more conservative and fun for children. In this case you need good Halloween costume ideas for women with children.

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The clown: Entertain the little ones while you walk around in over-sized shoes and a brightly colored wig. Your patched up pants and checked top can complete the look.

The magician: Can you do some simple magic tricks? Even so, you still need a glamorous outfit, particularly one with lots of secret pockets. Pull coins out of ears and ask them to pick a card.

If you have toddlers, see these toddler products that other moms LOVE.

How To Save On Your Costume Ideas

Where can you get help putting together your Halloween costumes? Busy women might need a little bit of help getting the perfect costume together. You might be able to put together some of the basics, but it might be a lot simpler to purchase accessories from a good Halloween store. In fact, you can even purchase complete costumes that will look great and save you a lot of time.

You might visit a local Halloween store to get ideas. There are plenty of these stores that open up before the holiday. You can also find costume departments in major stores. It can be fun to shop around for ideas at these stores anyway.

You might find more affordable prices and a better selection at an online Halloween store. Because these stores do not have to keep a lot of physical inventory on display, they might be able to charge less and offer more variety.

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Unique Costumes Ideas for Women (Plus Size, Too)


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