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Getting dog costumes for small dogs can be a fun and even functional experience. Fun, because dogs in costumes are absolutely adorable, and functional because they can keep small dogs warm and safe in colder climates. But what kind of Halloween costume should you get for your small dog?

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There are so many choices, and each one may be as good as the last. So buckle up, get out your pad and pencil, and prepare your small dog for a mini fashion show!

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Small Dog Princess Costumes

Treat Them Like The Princes And Princesses They Are

Amazon Image Halloween Princess Dog Costume, Small

Is there anything cuter than your little fuzzy girl dressed in a princess costume? Or your young fuzzy man dressed as a prince off to rescue his princess? Small dogs look great in little ball gowns, and you can go all out with a tiara. If you get your dogs groomed, ask if they can paint your dogs nails while giving her a nice spritz of doggy perfume. For your little male dog, see how he fares with a feather in his cap and a Styrofoam sword at his side.

Superhero Costumes for Small Dogs

Let Them Be Superheroes For The Day

Amazon Image Underdog Costume – Read Reviews Here

If it’s a doggy costume party you’re going to, then odds are the in thing is going to be superheroes! While you can dress your dog up like an iconic hero, like Batman, Superman, or even Wonder Woman, you can still get creative by giving your canine a unique high-flying identity. A cape and a mask is a dead giveaway, but there are some warnings with this. Dogs can trip over a cape that is too long, and masks can throw dogs off their course. It’s recommended that you forego the mask unless you are very familiar with your dog’s temperament.

Policeman Costumes for Small Dogs

Tell Them To Get A Job!

Amazon Image Police Dog Costume – Read Reviews Here

Sure, your dog’s main job is to sit around be cute and maybe guard the house. But you know it’s time they started earning some real keep around where you are!

Isn’t it time to get your dog a job? How about a nurse? A fireman? A little policeman with a cute cop’s hat?

Careers for your pets are endless. If a cop is too stern for your soft-featured dog, then a cute detective’s outfit might be for you.

Animal Costumes for Little Dogs

Let Your Puppy Become One With Nature

Amazon Image Butterfly Dog Halloween Costume Dress with Wings & Antenna – Read Reviews Here

Most popular dog costumes for small dogs are the ones you see in yearly calendars. Little bees, fluttery butterflies, and even very hungry caterpillars. Oh, and don’t forget the wide variety of flowers you can dress your pooch in! These natural costumes are great for the everyday situation, when you just want your doggy to be cuter than usual. And why not? Cute dogs add charm and flare to any home.

Small Dog Furniture Costumes

“Did You Get A New Chair?”

Something that is big lately in the dog costumes for small dogs world is dressing them up as… you guessed it, furniture! Furniture? You might be impressed by just how cute it can be. Have you ever seen a Beagle dressed as a lounge chair? Or a toy poodle sporting a table on her back? Of course, your dogs are not actual furniture! But not only are they cute, but they also add a bit of surprise and pleasant confusion to everyone who sees them. Keep your friends guessing!

There are many great ideas for costumes for small dogs. Whether it’s just for a photoshoot or to keep your dog warm all day, there is no reason to not think about the occasion or what fits your dog’s personality the best. Enjoy your puppy’s new look!

Star Wars Costumes for Small Dogs

May the Force Be With You!

If you’re a Star Wars fan and would like nothing more than to see your pooch dressed up as Darth Vader or Princess Leia for Halloween, you have GOT to check out this page that has lots of dog Star Wars costumes.  WAY cute!

More Costume Ideas for Your Small Dog

Amazon Image Skunk Dog Costume, Small [sc:cleanupcode ] Amazon Image Hot Dog Extra Small Dog Costume [sc:cleanupcode ] Amazon Image University of Tennessee Volunteers Cheerleader Dog Outfit, Small [sc:cleanupcode ] Amazon Image Pet King Dog Halloween Costume (X-Small) [sc:cleanupcode ] Amazon Image Dog Elvis Costume in Small [sc:cleanupcode ] Amazon Image Cowboy Dog Costume For Small Dogs – LOVE THIS! [sc:cleanupcode ]

Even More Ideas

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